And you are ready for what’s next.

Because you're ready to stop thinking...

  •  “What if I fail?”
  • “Is there really enough?
  • “I’m not sure I know enough to take that on.”
  • “I feel like I’m always in it alone.”
  • “I have to take care of everybody (& everything).”
  •  “I’ll just stick with what I know because that will be safer.”
  • “They never really listen to me.”
  • “Everything feels like a struggle and I just can’t let it go.”
  • “I’m so tired of doing so much and being under appreciated.”

Sound familiar?

You are ready to meet your essential self.

The essential self is the original you that embodies life with:


A beginner’s mind

Experience looking at a magnificent sunset, like it’s first time you've ever seen one.


Awe and joy in the little moments

Watching your daughter kiss the dog goodbye before she leaves for school.


Trust in yourself

When a day begins with half your breakfast spilled on your shirt and a flat tire on the freeway, you know can still have a good day.


Clarity and focus

For everything you want to do now and everything you will want do in the future.


 Priorities set by what you love and value

When you get down to what is really important, you can make confident decisions on how to spend your time in a way that is the most rewarding for you.


Grace & authenticity in relationships

Speak your truth, when you need to speak it and truly listen when others speak theirs.


Freedom of choice

True freedom of choice is knowing that you can choose how you show up and experience life, every day.

And with these falling into place, these dissipate:

  • The fears about ever being enough, never reaching your goals.
  • The belief you have been beat up by life and that might be all there is.
  • Being thrown around by feelings of envy, betrayal, bitterness, drama.
  • Feeling like there’s a push/push back, tit for tat, “nobody ever ‘wins’ this one” in your relationship.
  • Worries that you can never have the future you dream of.
  • A sense that you are just skimming the surface.

And, it’s about time.


Maybe you’ve attended every mindset workshop, read and reread “The Power Of Now” and “Getting the Love You Want”, meditated in the early morning hours and created a gratitude journal...

Or maybe you've attended the 12 step meetings, spent quality time in therapy, created a family time “schedule” to get everyone together and took the 5 Love Languages quiz with your person...

Safe to say, you've been trying to be the best person you can be.

And that's great, but you still feel like an essential piece is missing.

A Radical Shift™ program was created to help you access your essential self. Once you rediscover and reclaim who you have been from inception, you have a foundation for everything. Every action, every feeling, every decision.

We call it your "Prime Directive".

And with it, you can make the difference you came here to make with the new “rules” you write for yourself. And they will all reflect you, the essential, original you.

Derek on getting and living his Prime Directive

“I am a lover of knowledge; it's something I've been aware of almost my entire life. The question was simple: why?  Why do I seek knowledge and why does discovery bring me near-primal joy?

My answer came fairly easily: ‘I want to take it all in, to make it all a part of me.’ But why, why do I want to take it all in? Again, the answer came with almost no effort, ‘Because I want to be at one with the universe.’

This was something I had known all along, so it was an instant response; yet saying it was like discovering it again after countless ages of searching.

As the rediscovery washed over me, I was awe-struck with amazement. Everything started to make sense, quickly and suddenly. I found myself overwhelmed with emotion and I started laughing hysterically. The sensation felt so right that I couldn't help but be swept up in a flood of joy. It felt so obvious and it was so simple, I just had to laugh. I fought back tears; it was like reuniting with a long-lost part of my soul.

Afterward, I could tell why things either deeply resonated with me or caused me stress. Did they encourage oneness, or fly in the face of oneness? Everything I came across which caused me frustration could easily be exposed and stripped of its power if I realized that it discouraged oneness, and thus disagreed with me at a fundamental level.

If I ever lose my way and my mind starts to waver, getting weighed down in the ills of the world, all I have to do is remember to come back to oneness, and just like that, I remember my eternal journey and the path looks clear once again."

How we do this:



We prepare the “ground” for safe shifting with information & connection.



We look at both what holds us back and sets us free.



We dig deep and come to peace with what has been.



We open to the essential self in all its original glory.



We use powerful tools to recalibrate our past & nurture our essential future.



We “map” future practices & supports so we can stay on the essential track.



We let go and recreate whatever is needed to keep moving forward.

Elements of A Radical Shift™ Program


A Radical Shift™ Signature Program is a process that has 3 Main Elements:


An experiential event with a group of 6-8 fellow shifters.

The program begins with a two day event in a peaceful and safe setting. We introduce the concept of the essential self, we discuss how we store experiences/narratives and use brain science to understand the fears that have held our essential selves back. Then it’s all about bringing that essential self out, in all its glory, working hard on our “prime directive”. Each shifter then creates a Practice Map to maintain what they've learned and we get ready to use videos and group meetings to move us through next steps of the program.

A preview of the first event in the program:

Please email Linda for specific dates.


4 group meetings.

We realize that the opening up to the essential self while letting go of old narratives is a process and not an event. So, our event time opens the door and then we spend more process and support time with our event “peeps” and facilitator, walking through the doors that are opening. We “check in” about our progress and experiences, ask questions about what might be coming up, get guidance on our progress, clarity on how our Practice Map is working and get support from all.



Custom videos to retrain the brain.

 We use the power of the unconscious mind to more easily release the old and rewrite the new with 3 custom videos, made specifically for you.

Video 1 | Theta Brainwave 

Purpose: To prompt the release of resistant fears and/or patterns.

Theta Brainwave: Theta is the brainwave associated with the very early years of our lives. The Theta brainwave entrainment music can assist the brain to synch with that same state of consciousness so that a new message can sink in.

 Video 2 | Alpha Brainwave

Purpose: To help your brain let go of old, fear based definitions.

Alpha Brainwave: Alpha is a wakeful state that is characterized by a relaxed and effortless alertness. It’s frequently used for calming but alert meditation. In this state, your brain can register new beliefs more easily.

Video 3 | Delta Brainwave

Purpose: To create the new in your life, from your essential self.

Delta Brainwave: Delta are the slowest, but highest amplitude brainwaves. It is the brainwave most associated with infants and a deep, dreamless sleep that is considered the highest state of consciousness.


After A Radical Shift™ Program

A private online forum for your group.

A full community Facebook page for A Radical Shift™.

Periodic meet ups to meet and bond with other ARSers!

Monthly teleseminars with tips, tools, support, & energy boosts.

Regular messages of inspiration & support.


A Radical Shift™ Specifics


Upcoming ProgramsPlease email Linda for specific dates.

Program location: Sorrento Valley Hera Hub, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd. Suite #400, 92121

Upcoming dates: November 12th-13th

Price: $1500 ($1350 if paid upfront) -  4 to 5 Monthly payment plans available

ARS Mentors: Linda O'Keefe, LCSW, Founder


Ready for A Radical Shift™?

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We speak to each person interested in attending A Radical Shift™ Program to ensure we create a safe and nurturing environment. You will be contacted by us to schedule a time to talk after you complete the form. If you have not read what’s included in the program yet, scroll up or click Program Details at the top of the page.